01 October 2007

Harold's Bloom

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It turned out to be a very busy weekend for me and my wife. We went out for a date night on Saturday downtown. After we got back, I went out with a couple of my friends to see the Buffy musical episode at the Inwood Theater. After getting some much needed rest on Sunday, my wife and I went to Trinity Hall with our friends to once again try our hand at trivia night.

Over the course of a grueling three hours, our team managed stay in the running. Going into the final round, we were only two points out of first. In the final round, each question is worth 2 points and this can make or break a team. The end of the last round found us in a tie for first. Third place and forth place were also tied at the end of the final round. All four teams sent a representative up to the front for a one question tie breaker. We were fortunate to get the right question and captured a first place victory.

It was a true team win. Everyone contributed, and I don't even think that we would have come in for a third or fourth place finish if we didn't have everyone present. It really is amazing the grouping of knowledge that you can gather by getting eight people together. I'm looking forward to spending the 25 dollar first place prize next time we show for trivia.

Undefeated and victorious.

Other winners this week: Germany won the 2007 Women's World Cup (The USA team finished with the Bronze), the Cowboys and Packers are both 4-0 to start the season (Brett Farve is now the all time leader in NFL touchdowns), and the Phillies. Bonus baseball today to find out who wins the the NL wildcard: The Rockies or the Padres.

Not only was there a crazy weekend in baseball, but there was also a big shake up in college football this weekend. My teams took some big hits. My 25.

Today's Winning Blogger Number: 40

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