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 — There comes a time when you realize you have taken too many vacations and packed on too much vacation weight. When that time comes, I stock my pantry with one of my favorite zero-carb indulgences — the zero-carb (and sugar-free of course) brownie from Sugarless deLite.
Sugarless deLite has been around for nearly a quarter of a century. So, whatever they are doing, it must be right. Diabetics, low carb dieters, or people who simply want to indulge without the massive guilt that accompanies it should taste these treats.
Sugarless deLite is filled with many delicious things, but the brownie happens to be one of my all-time favorites. It is fudgy, filled with chocolate flavor and just enough so that you are not left wanting more. (Unless you’re me, then I still have to hide them from myself, but, whatever.)
You can sample a smorgasbord of cake, cookies and crackers on any given day. There is always a new item on display for you to try. I always go in for brownies but leave with so much more.
My mother is diabetic, and I often pick out an array of chocolates from their chocolate case that could rival Godiva. When I am at home, I prefer sugar free syrups in my coffee. They sell a never-ending supply in flavors like cookie dough and peppermint patty.
The point is, I love sweets. But sometimes, when your zipper is starting to rebel, it is time to take action. However, I still want to enjoy a treat now and then until I am fitting into my clothes like I was before vacation. Sugarless deLite lets me enjoy those little indulgences without the guilt.

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