07 May 2012

You Got To Be Kidding Me !

At Sugarless deLite, we work hard to give great customer service. This includes the providing of samples of many of our products. So in reviewing some online reviews, I found a comment that was critical of Sugarless deLite.It said that "Sugarless deLite annoys you with offering samples of their products"  Are you kidding me ?

Our signature of our success is "sampling". We want an informed customer so that no one wastes money on something they do not like. To read a comment that provideing good service is annoying continues to prove to me that you can not please everyone.

Good news ! We will continue to sample. One Million out of one million one people can not be wrong.

Remember your posting on Sugarless deLite help us be here. People believe customers feedback.

Today's Flavors

Chocolate Decadence,World Class Vanilla,Devil's Food Cake, and Cappuccino

Blog Special

All large freezer Yogurts are buy 3 and get a 4 th free. No limit


Barbara said...

This is a wonderful place to go to on a hot afternoon for a yummy yogurt cone!

freckles said...

That one person is insane. I'm looking forward to visiting the store because you are willing to give out samples!