18 May 2012

Is Summertime a Hard Time to Diet ?

With summertime quickly approaching is it for you a time to tighten up on the calorie counts or expand those carbs a little ? Many people watch those calories for Spring weddings or bathing suit weather but summertime is vacation time for cruises and big city eating.

No matter what your choices may be, Sugarless deLite can help you budget the calories with healthy snacks and foods to let those "pig outs" not be so bad. Check out our low calorie items including the great tasting Fiber Gourmet Cracker and Dr Carb Rite Protein Bars.

Sugarless deLite is always here with a sample or helpful information to make your journey through eating a lot more fun in a healthy way.

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Anonymous said...

I think summer is a great time to diet! All the fresh fruit, grilling lean meats, and veggies galore! Add in some treats and eats from Sugarless Delite (and always grab a frozen yogurt while there!) and you are good to go. Plus, it's a great time to get outside and be active--which we all need whether we are trying to lose weight or not.

Thanks for being there, Sugarless Delite!

Sugarless deLite said...

Great input. Thanks Rick at Sugarless D