Pawn Stars-Take 2- Rick Takes on Vegas

This is a picture that I took with Rick from Pawn Stars a couple of years ago. Back then the show "Pawn Stars" was new on the History Channel, yet it was a cool place to visit.

Tuesday, I made a second trip to the store with a friend from Atlanta.
The store was closed for filming for 40 minutes but my friend wanted to wait. We were the first in line and waited 40 minutes. The 40 minutes turned to an hour and my friend was ready to go. The guy working at the door to control the crowd was named Andy and he made good conversation. As the line grew from 2 people to two hundred ,people came to the front of the line to ask about the length of the wait. I said to Andy that my place in line was "For Sale" and he said go for it. So a limo
pulls up and out jumps a "Villa Butler" from the Bellagio. He walks to the front of the line and speaks to Andy, the door guy. He says that he has a very important client from South Africa who is a guest of the Bellagio and would like to go in the store. Andy explains to the guy that the store is closed for filming and there is a line.

Well, I was ready to go  and it was 104 degrees and I had been before so I made my best bet on my 3 days in Vegas

I said "My space in line is for sale"

The Butler said " How much ?

I said " One Hundred Dollars"

Within seconds, I had my one hundred dollars and I was on my way to the my car.

You never know if you do not ask

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