21 January 2010

Pitchers and Catcher Report in 24 Days- Time to get In Shape For Spring Training at Sugarless deLite

Thursday's Flavors

Toffee Nut,Carmel,World Class Vanilla,Pina Colada, and Orange Vanilla

Regular ice cream runs around 120 calories an ounce. TCBY in a recent ad promoted their yogurt that was around 40 calories an ounce by weight. At Sugarless deLite , we sell a product that is 13-15 calories an ounce. Many of the new yogurt places are happy to sell you yogurt by the ounce. All that I have seen charge you more per ounce than we do and they charge you for the weight of the cup at their rate of 45 cents on ounce. Sugarless deLite has been here for 20 years offering the lowest calorie and best value in yogurt. Stop by today. Don't "waist" the calories on them.

Blog Special #1

Buy one get one free yogurt . Limit 1- 10 am- 2am. No XL

Vanilla Parfaits are back. Get for low calorie and WW friendly.

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