08 January 2010

Free Yogurt until 1 pm- Buy one get one Free-Limits Apply

Friday's Flavors
World Class Vanilla,Chocolate Decadence,Peach,Angel Food Cake,Butterscotch,and Maple Nut

So What? It may be 16 degrees outside but yogurt can still taste so good. Turn the heater up a click and enjoy one now and a free one at home tonight. Don't worry you can leave it in the car all day, it is not going to melt. Offer good on all sizes except XL. Limit two free. One free must come from freezer box.

Blog Special 2

Freezer Bagels 2 bags for $ 5.99 including frozen Perfect-10

Freezer Flavor

Toffee Coffee
German Chocolate Cake

Blog Special 3

Buy $ 50 of freezer yogurt, get a $10 yogurt card.

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