19 January 2010

Eating Healthy ? Join Us

Today's Flavors

Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla, Cookies and Cream, Coffee Royale, Pina Colada and Orange Vanilla

We carry a great low carb taco that blows out on our web site but you may miss it in the store. It is La Tiara taco shells that is low carb friendly and WW low points. Ask about it today and buy a box @ 4.99 and get a small yogurt for 99 cents. This is a savings from the regular yogurt price of $2.69.

Blog Special # 2

Cone Day

Cones All Day $ 1.99. Regular $ 2.69

Blog Special # 3

Bagels in Freezer Normally $ 4.79 Today 2 bags for $6.99

Remember you must request Blog Special to get lower prices. Thank

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