World Baseball Classic Begins

Today's Flavors

Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla, White Chocolate Mousse, Butter Pecan, Very Berry and Lemon

Today's Special

Low Carb Brownies, Pecan Bars and Nut Brownies all 2 For $ 5.00 Today NO Limit.

Blog Special

Buy any Cream Pie for $ 10.99 regularly $19.99. You must request the Blog price. Limit 1

I love baseball and Spring Training. Every team believes that they have a chance to win it all. The attitude is one from every player of hope. The attitude may not be based in reality but we all need our escapes.

Let Sugarless deLite be your escape from the daily stress that this economy offers Request the Dow Jones small which is a smaller portion 3.5 oz (half the size of a small, sadly like the Dow which is half the size of last year) but is only 67 cents. This number represents the first 2 numbers of yesterdays Dow Jones average. Limit one. No to go. Good Thursday-Friday March 5 and March 6.


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