SPRING HAS SPRUNG! It's A Wonderful Day in The Neighborhood.

7:44AM ETD -Spring officially arrives

Today Flavor's
Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla, Strawberry Shortcake, Chocolate Banana. Marshmallow, and Cappuccino

Today's Special-Free small for UTD staff and students( show ID)

Today in History
1933 Dachau, 1st concentration camp, completed
1935 "Your Hit Parade" made its debut on radio
1944 Mount Vesuvius, Italy explodes
1997 Liggett admits cigarettes are addictive
Gee, I found cigarettes were addictive in 1979 when it took 21 hypnosis sessions to finally quit. Guess I was smarter than Liggett???? Besides it makes you look just so hip and sophisticated!
Dachau is a testament along with Auschwitz, Buchenwald, Mauthausen, and too many others of the depths of evil in which mankind can stoop.

1828 Henrik Ibsen, Norway, playwright (Peer Gynt, Hedda Gabler)
1906 Ozzie Nelson, Jersey City NJ, actor (Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet)
1931 Hal Linden, [Harold Lipshitz], actor (Barney Miller, Blacke's Magic)
1928 Fred McFeeley Rodgers, Mr. Rogers Neighborhood

Ozzie and Harriet was in Black and White and I remember not being able to watch it because I had to go to bed

My Dad liked Barney Miller.
Fred McFeely Rogers (March 20, 1928 – February 27, 2003)
Yes, I admit it. I loved Mr. Rogers. He was a voice of gentle reason in a world inundated with cynicism and harshness. I miss him. My own child grew up with Mr. Rogers, but I don't think she appreciated him as much as I did.


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