22 January 2007

Quality v Quantity

Yogurt Flavors: Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla, Roasted Almond, Chocolate Mint, Very Berry and Peach.

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Well, we made it through a weekend without any snow or ice. It was a refreshing change. The weekend saw some great football. While there were only two games played, there was an instant classic played in Indianapolos as the Coits beat the Patriots to advance for the first time under Payton's leadership. The Bears ended the Saints story book season in the cold of Solder Feild.

Congratulations to both Lovie Smith and Tony Dungy for becoming the first black coaches to win the NFC Conference and the AFC Conference title repectively. Lovie beat out Tony by a few hours to become the first black coach to take his team to the Super Bowl. It was cool to see history be made twice in one day. Excellent job gentlemen.

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