29 January 2007

Let's Talk

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This weekend, my fiancé and I went to a seminar called Before You Say I Do at Prestonwood Baptist Church. (Hence, there was no blog entry on Saturday.) We had pretty good time learning about all the things that can go wrong in marriage and all of the things that are right about it. We took a compatibility test on Friday night. It will be interesting to get the results which should arrive about one to two weeks before the wedding.

Of course, the good thing about this type of weekend is that they get you to talk. This is something that we, as a couple, have been very good at for the last few months, but sometimes it is good to get a jump start in this regard. I think that we as humans forget to talk or, when we do talk, we talk about nothing. The day to day tends to take over and we forget to enjoy each others dreams and desires. After all, sharing these and making them a reality is part of what makes the process of sharing your life with another worthwhile.

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