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We are asked this question often. This is one articles opinion from Buzz Feed

How much sugar is too much sugar, then?

According to the NHS, no more than 10% of your daily intake of energy (measured as calories) should come from sugar. That means roughly 70g for men and 50g for women.
To put that into context, this is the amount of sugar some popular foods contain:
A small apple: 15g of sugar.
2 chocolate digestives: 9.2g of sugar.
A standard bar of 45g Dairy Milk chocolate: 25g of sugar.
2 slices of white toast: 2g of sugar.
2 slices of wholemeal toast: 1.6g of sugar.
A cheeky Nando’s (half a chicken with a regular chips and coleslaw): 9.6g of sugar.
Specials May 26-May 30
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