When Dieting or Eating Right Gets Hard... Don't Go To A Pizza Place..More Tales of Trouble

It happens every once in awhile for me where eating right is more difficult.Eating is never the problem but eating right is the "problem". I know that it happens to all of us. Last night was was eating a fish taco ,no taco shell,no cheese,no good stuff...yet this pizza on the table called my name "Rick" "Rick". I looked at the pizza and it caught my eye and then it had my lips. No, I did not eat alot but I had the first and second bite. Not real bad but not real good.(Pizza was Great)

All of us face eating issues and Sugarless deLIte is a great place to come home to. Whether it is pizza,chips or Oreos , step back a step and check us out at Sugarless deLIte.

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