22 February 2011

#1 Problem Food-Salad Dressing

We have all said it..."I only had a salad for lunch" yet did we only have a salad ? Was it really a salad with "regular" dressing? Have you read the calories in dressing? It is unbelievable! You are talking about 120 calories of 100% fat in each serving. I do not mean a real "serving" but I mean 2 tablespoons. One time I asked for an extra packet of dressing at a fast food place, I looked on the single serve package of ranch dressing and it informed me that the package contained 420 calorie. HELP!!!!!! This was the extra package. This means that the 2 packs would have over 800 calories. 100% FAT.

Random Thought

We kid ourselves about what we eat and dressings on salads are the biggest joke! Please don't think that oil and vinegar is better...Oil is still 100% fat.

Please, step away from the full calorie dressings.

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