24 November 2010

Super Blog Secret Sale...Read on

Read everything to understand this offer.......

Sugarless deLite will close at 5 PM today.This is a soft close meaning that we do not lock the door since many people are running a little late in picking up pies for Thanksgiving.As a blog reader, you can pick up a pie if available after 5pm for up to 50% off. This applies to walk in remaining items only and is not available for pre-order.

Offer is good for

Pumpkin Pies - Regularly $ 21.99 5pm-5:20 price $10.99

Pumpkin Bread- Regularly $ 19.99 5pm-5:20 price $12.99

Cream Pies- Regularly $ 19.99 5pm- 5:20 price $ 12.99

This offer is intended to offer a potenial sale for a few remaining pies and is not a guarantee that any pies will be left after 5pm.Please understand that we can not reserve any orders at this price.

This is like all blog specials not intended to cause problems but a way to reward blog readers who want to take a chance to get a great deal.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Today's Flavors

Pumpkin,Egg Nog,Chocolate Decadence,World Class Vanilla,Coffee Royale and Cookies & Cream

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