03 November 2010

Random Thoughts

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Chocolate Malt,Chocolate Decadence,World Class Vanilla,Cappuccino,Strawberry Shortcake and Marshmallow.

Random Thoughts..........Aren't we all glad that the election ads are over and now we can start seeing holiday ads ?....Didn't the Texas Rangers bring a lot of new excitment to the DFW sports scene?......Love the Cowboys but not the owner? Baylor over Texas in football ? Are you like me and the only "app" you want on the phone is the ability "to call someone".....Is it not amazing that Sugarless deLite has been here for 21 years ?.....Winter vacation or summer vacation? Does anyone still buy a newspaper everyday?...CVs or Walgreens?.... Walmart lover or hater ?

My take from going to the World Series Game 5 is that Dallas is about to try and become a baseball town. The Metroplex is big enough to love more than one team, Many people do not understand that this city looks better and more dynamic if it has great culture,food,attractions and many well supported sports teams.Dallas is not a one trick pony.

Blog Special

Tell us what year this is for Sugarless deLite and get a free small yogurt 2pm- 6pm.Hint above in Random thoughts

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