29 June 2010

Take our Online Poll-Open until 7 Pm

Take our new online poll and tell us that you did take part and get a free small yogurt.No purchase needed . Limit one free yogurt. Thanks for reading the blog.

Tuesdays Flavor's

Chocolate Decadence,World Class Vanilla,Orange Vanilla,Butterscotch,Maple Nut, and Raspberry Cheesecake.

Sugarless deLite Poll question will help us know a little bit more about our customers. Most of you that shop our store know that we are interested in your opinions. Please use the blog to leave comments and suggestions. As many of you know, Sugarless deLite extended its' hour until 7 PM during the summer based on customer input. Thanks for your support. Ricky

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That's really generous, and thanks! I kind of feel bad taking the free yogurt--but I will anyway. Hope my input helps the store.