I Don't Mean To Complain but........

The call comes to the store very innocently. It starts off with a simple question , " Do you bake cherry pies ? " This is not a hard question to answer. I then get a series of questions or statements about sugar free, sweeteners, sweet or tart cherries, freshness and more questions that I always am glad to answer. Yet the next question always puzzles me..........

Honestly, do your baked goods taste good ?

My thought on this question are serious and honest. I say that we have been here for 21 years and if we were not good people would not come back. This use of logic seems to fail me quite often.

Next, the caller thought that I was an employee. Can you imagine that an employee that you payto work for you would say that the food was not good. In this case if I heard and employee say that our pies were not good,this would not go over well.

The use of the word "honestly" in the question is incorrect. Without the use of the word "honestly" does the caller think that we would give a dishonest answer. The mere use of the word "honestly", does nothing to insure honesty from dishonest people.

Finally, we love our customers and want more but after 21 years of business I think that Sugarless deLite has earned based on the support that we received from you our customers that we are honest and good members of the community. We have sample of baked goods available daily. A concerned customer can come in the store and make their own decision. We are an award winning bakery and by the way,honestly, our pies are great.

Today's Flavors

Chocolate Decadence,World Class Vanilla,German Chocolate Cake,Toffee Coffee, Blueberry Cheesecake and Pina Colada


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