24 June 2010

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Thursday's Flavors

World Class Vanilla,Chocolate Decadence,Butterscotch,Maple Nut,Lemon and Angel Food Cake.

So You Want to Work Retail?

I was at Half Price Books on Campbell and 75 and overheard a customer beat down on and employee. The employee was trying to explain the return policies on a CD collection. He explained that with a receipt a customer could return the CD's for up to 30 days. I thought " Oh, my G-d that is very liberal" The customer started fighting with the clerk " I may not have had a chance to listen to every track by 30 days" was the customers response. A manager was called over and discussion continued.

This is what I call a "time waster". This employee and management effort could have been put into other things. Time is money and all customers pay the price for these "time waster". Would the customer been happy with a 31 day return policy ? What about 40 days?

Many people have nothing to do but waste others time. The bottom line is that the person returning the already worn jeans or the CD that they burned at home , cost us all more of our dollars to pay for dishonesty.

Just a thought. Ricky

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