20 April 2010

Our Yogurt will not make you Fat ! Ask the Others Stores their Calorie Info

Today's Flavors

Chocolate Decadence,World Class Vanilla,Maple Nut,Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough,Candy Cane and Pumpkin

Most frozen yogurts in the do it yourself stores are 200%-500% higher in calories than the frozen yogurt at Sugarless deLite and that is before the toppings.

If you want to get the most yogurt and the least calories check us out and eat healthy

Blog Special

Buy 2 large freezer yogurts and get one freezer yogurt free. Limit 2 free. All yogurts must come from freezer. The free yogurt is a $ 8.00 value, not bad.You must ask for the special to receive the special. Enjoy

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