08 April 2010

New 1 Point Bagel only at Sugarless deLite

Thursday's Flavors

Chocolate Decadence,World Class Vanilla,Chocolate Mint,Toffee Coffee, Orange Vanilla and Banana Cheesecake

Exiting Flavors

Chocolate Mint
Toffee Coffee

New Flavors Friday

Peanut Butter

New Italian One Point Bagel

Check out the new one point bagel from Western Bagel. It is Weight Watchers friendly and is only 1 point. The Italian bagel is available only at Sugarless deLite and will sell out quickly.

TAFFY is Back

The great tasting taffy from Fair Time taffy is back in stock. This is the soft great tasting taffy that has been unavailable since May 2009. This is great taffy-soft-great flavors and low carb.

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