But you know sugar free , does not mean calorie free !

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Peanut Butter,Butterscotch,World Class Vanilla, Chocolate Decadence,Cheesecake and White Chocolate Raspberry

Rambling Thoughts

I think that if you are reading the Blog that you know me,Ricky, I with my wife Stacey own the store. Sometimes people say things to me that I find hard to believe. The title of the blog is one of my favorite lines. Here are a few more....

1. Did you see the Seinfeld show where they said the yogurt was low calorie and it was not? Is this yogurt the same as that? Commentary- I quickly explain that Seinfeld is a fictional show with writers. Sometimes the customer understands and sometimes they do not.

2. You know that I am a diabetic. It's NOT JUST THE SUGAR .IT IS THE CARBS. Commentary- After 21 years of helping 1 million plus diabetics, I think that we may know that.

3.Does the peanut butter cup have peanuts in it?
4.Why is the frozen yogurt so cold?
5.On a hot day it is asked,Will the yogurt melt if I leave it in the car while I run into Target? While we can do a lot at Sugarless deLite,we can not defy the laws of science.

Every day is an adventure, thanks for being part of ours!!!

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