Wednesday and the Return of Mr. Possum

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The Return of Mr. Possum

5:45 A.M. All is quiet. I assume,I was sleeping. All of a sudden-the family dog is barking and growling in the living room. This time he is not scratching behind the breakfront. He is barking at the window. Why? Because Mr. Possum has returned. He ca no longer fit behind the breakfront. He is now clutching deserately to the baby gate poised at the window so that our dog will not attack the yardman when he comes. My husband goes to fetch a box. I take stick and coax him a box, close it up and tape it shut.

Into the car, we now go a mile and a half from the house and let him out in a different clump of trees.

Will he find his way back to our house???? We'll keep you posted....


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