Friday-Rangers STILL in First Place in the West and a tear for Skip Carey

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Meet more Texas Rangers

Frank Francisco has been with the Rangers since 2004. He comes from the Dominican Republic. In 2007, he had 21 holds and 2008 had 5 saves and was 21st in the American League amongst Pitchers. He has been out some due to bicep tendonitis which has limited some of his play this season.

Elvis Andrus is from Venzuela and promising future awaits him with the Rangers. In 2008, he was awarded Texas Mid Season All Star and Texas Post Season All-Star with the Frisco Roughriders. This shortstop has a .277 batting average and has scored 3 homeruns. Barring injuries, expect to see Andrus become a solid player in the major leagues, hopefully he will stay a Texas Ranger.

Andrews Jones is an old face in our house. He played for the Atlanta Braves from 1996-2007. Jones is from the Willemstad, Netherlands Antilles. This centerfielder has a 278 batting average and has already had 5 homeruns, 14 RBIs, in 90 at bats.

Everyone who knows Sugarless deLite knows that the captain of this helm is a rabid Braves fan. His spouse is also a Braves fan but had her first baseball introduction into the NY Mets long before Texas had a baseball team. There is a bit of contention during the baseball season, but the Braves rule our household down to the wallpaper in the Sports Den of Fame formerly known as a the “TV room”.

As I passed through the "sports den of fame" I heard what sounded like a familiar voice only to realize it was the next generation. Chip Carey sounds just like his dad, Skip. We miss Skip Carey. However at the risk of diminishing Chip's uniqueness, he sounds like his dad and has his wit and sense of humor that made Skip so lovable as we welcomed him into our homes and car radios.

Dad would be so proud of you Chip. You are filling those awesome shoes well. Skip, we miss you, but Chip is doing you proud.


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