Friday-Rangers in 1st but LA is at the back door.

This oceanview break has been brought to you by the Indian Ocean and your blogger who is counting the minutes when summer school ends August 14th.

Today's Flavors- Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla, Cappucino, & Lemon

Today's Special- Brownies 2 for $5.00 ( regularly $3.49 each)

More Texas Rangers

Eddie Guardado just came to Rangers but he is not new to baseball by a long shot. He pitched for the Twins from 1993-2003, spent 2004-2006 in Seattle and finally came to Texas after his last stint in Cincinnati. He is a southpaw who recently threw for charity as he attended the Volunteers for a America in Texas.

Nelson Cruz spent one year as Brewer before landing in Texas. He is a strong hitter evidenced by hitting his 18th homerun so far this season with a .278 batting average this year. He is no slouch in right field either. Cruz is the real thing.


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