Wednesday - Bagels, and a Story -nothing to do with bagels or Sugarless deLite

Today's Flavor's
World Class Vanilla, Chocolate Decadence, Pumpkin, Angel Food, Toffee Coffee and Caramel Fudge.

Today's Special- Buy 3 Bagels or Pitas and get a free small yogurt.

Mr. Possum and the Family Dog
Every night for the last 7 nights, there has been a baby possum spending the night behind our breakfront in the living room. Hence, he has now been named Mr. Possum. How does he get in? The doggy door. This all started last week when my dog came to tell me there was something behind the breakfront. Yes, my dog communicates very clearly exactly what he is thinking. When he is hungry, he stands on our chests until we get up and go to the white box (the fridge) and give him some human food. When his dish is empty, he corrals us between his dish and the dog food canister, when he wants a ride in the car or to go for a walk, he leads us to the drawer with his leash. We both graduated obedience training with high marks, not the dog, but my husband and I. We are well trained.

Night 1 the dog let us know something was behind the breakfront. Sure enough, a baby possum had decided he wanted a slumber party in our living room. We chased him out with a broomstick.
Night 2- the same drill
Night 3 - we corralled him into a cardboard box and drove him 3/4 mile from the house and let him out in a clump of trees near a park.
Night 4- I assume, it is a baby sibling behind the breakfront because Mr. Possum could not possibly have found his way 3/4 of a mile back to my breakfront.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the next addition of Mr. Possum.


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