01 May 2009

May Day and it's Friday!


Today's Flavors
World Class Vanilla, Chocolate Decadence, Devils Food Cake, Butterscotch, Strawberry and Banana

The Boys of Summer Series every Friday
Baseball seems to take a far back seat in the metroplex compared football and basketball. This is will never be a baseball town. However, baseball is indigenous to life of Sugarless deLite. Therefore, the boys of summer will be introduced every Friday in effort to give baseball its due.

Michael Young #10 3B | Bats: R | Throws: R | Born: 10/19/1976
Mike Young has been with the Texas Rangers since 2000. His batting average is .289.

Ian Kinsler #5 2B | Bats: R | Throws: R | Born: 06/22/1982
This is Ian’s 4th season with the Texas Rangers. His batting average is sitting at .328.

Kevin Millwood #33 P | Bats: R | Throws: R | Born: 12/24/1974
Kevin started out with the Atlanta Braves with a stop at Philadelphia, and a one year stint with Cleveland before coming to Texas in 2006. This is his 4th season with the Texas Rangers

Today in History
1867 Howard University chartered
1873 1st US postal card issued
1889 Bayer introduces aspirin in powder form (Germany)
1926 Satchel Paige makes pitching debut in Negro Southern League
1952 Mr Potato Head, introduced
1961 1st US airplane hijacked to Cuba

Bayer Aspirin was the first drug ever to be marketed in tablet form. First marketed in 1899 as a powder, but by 1900 aspirin was being compressed into a water-soluble tablet. This new method eliminated the need to package individual doses in paper bags and thus cut costs by half. Asprin is consumed in a variety of ways. The French prefer suppositiories to pills, the Italians take fizzy forms akin to Alka-Seltzer and the British like asprin powders to be dissolved in water.
1909 Kate Smith, Virg, singer (God Bless America)/Phila Flyer luck charm
1916 Glenn Ford, Quebec Canada, actor (Cade's County, Big Heat, Midway)
1927 Harry Belafonte, calypso singer (Banana Boat Song)
1939 Max Robinson, Richmond VA, black news anchor (ABC Evening News)
1939 Judy Collins, Seattle Wash, singer (Send in the Clowns, Clouds)

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