25 February 2009

If It's Thursday, It Must be Bagels....

Today's Yogurt Flavors
Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla, German Chocolate, Butterscotch, Pina Colada, and Orange Vanilla

Bagel shipments come every Thursday.

Today’s Special
Brownie Special:Buy 2 brownies( any $3.49 item) for only $5.00( Limit 4)

Today in History- February 26th

1616 Spanish Inquisition delivers injunction to Galileo
1924 Trial against Hitler in Munich begins
1930 1st red & green traffic lights installed (Manhattan NYC)

According to Adam Smith, the great economist, Education should be the ability to discriminate between the trash and the treasures. On this day history, Spain in 1616 and Germany in 1924 both missed the mark.
Spain-during the inquisition, delivers an injunction against Galileo- all because of his endorsement of the Copernican view that the sun is the center of universe and the earth makes an annual rotation around it. This radical thought threatened the church. The crime-apparently-any of form of thinking, was against the law. The next thing you know they might say that pollution is causing acid rain, global warming, and a hole in the ozone.

Germany's second big mistake.This incident is generally known as the Beer Hall Putsch.The trial of hitler began on February 26, 1924 and along with rudolf hess
(another "great German citizen") was sentenced to five years in Festungshaft (literally fortress confinement) for treason. Festungshaft was a type of jail that excluded forced labor, featured reasonably comfortable cells, and allowed the prisoner to receive visitors almost daily for many hours. It was the customary sentence for people whom the judge believed to have had "honorable" but misguided motives.He only served 8 months(Wikipedia).

1802 Victor Hugo, France, author (Hunchback of Notre Dame, Les Miserables)
1852 John Harvey Kellogg, surgeon, inspired flaked cereal industry
1920 Tony Randall, [Leonard Rosenberg], Tulsa Ok, actor (Felix-Odd Couple)
1925 James Moody, US, jazz saxophonist/orchestra leader
1928 Antione "Fats" Domino, NO LA, rhythm & blues pianist (Blueberry Hill)

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