Sugar is Killing Us Everyday

Big Sugar’s Secret Ally? Nutritionists


More than 60 years later, the sugar industry is still making the same argument, or at least paying researchers to do it for them. The stakes have changed, however, with a near tripling of the prevalence of obesity in the intervening decades and what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention figures reveal to be an almost unimaginable 655 percent increase in the percentage of Americans with diabetes diagnoses. When it comes to weight gain, the sugar industry and purveyors of sugary beverages still insist, a calorie is a calorie, regardless of its source, so guidelines that single out sugar as a dietary evil are not evidence-based.

Above is a portion of an article that may help you and others that you care about to rethink the entire issue with sugar.

An Excerpt from the January 13, 2017 New York Times

January 21- January 26

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