Hope That Was the Last Winter Blast.... No UPS

With a great deal of effort over the last two weeks, Sugarless deLite has opened everyday; UPS has failed us numerous times.

WiO rolls,tortillas and hamburger buns should be in on Monday. Check our Facebook page for updates.
Check out our Easter selection on our website. It will be up on Monday, March 9th. Sugarless deLite is always looking for the best in sugar free from places all over the country.

No sugar free Peeps this year. I called the manufacturer and they said that due to productions issues that no sugar free Easter Peeps were being made. Be aware if you find some they are not made for 2015, since none were made.

March 9-March 14 Specials

Cupcake Monday- Any remaining cupcakes are 99 each Monday. No special orders

#1  Six Freezer large yogurts are $18.49 plus tax

#2  Walden Farms are $1.00 off per jar when you buy 5. This would be $3.99 times 5

#3  Cones are $1.99 on request. Limit 2


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