13 August 2013

2013 Flying by ? Get Back on Track at Sugarless deLIte

With the Labor Day coming up quickly, is it time to get your eating under control ? If part of the holiday season is eating a little bit extra now is the time to make good choices ! Sugarless deLite has products that most people just see on the internet. Many products that are from small companies that Sugarless deLite has found in our 25 years of searching. Our hunt has netted
 Perfect 10-High Protein Bagels from California
 Bear Creek BBQ Sauce from Franklin, N.C.
 Low Carb Granola's from Texas
 Kitchen Table Bakers-Low Carb/Gluten Free Crackers from New York
 Hillside Orchard Low Carb Jellies from North Georgia
 PB2-Powdered Peanut Butter from Tifton, Georgia

Plus scores of other great products that are ready to sample in our store. We are not a chain or a big box store.We are Sugarless deLite. One of a kind. Tell a friend and spread the love.

Today's Flavor's

Chocolate Decadence,World Class Vanilla,Roasted Almond and Pistachio

Blog Special

Print this Blog and it is worth $3 off a $20 purchase. Limit one coupon. Must print or show us on a handheld. Referring to seeing the blog is not enough....Sorry 

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