18 July 2012

Why The Weather Forecast is Worthless 101

Please Stop it !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was watching the weather this morning and the weather guy said that we were staying below 100 degrees  for most of the week. I looked up at the screen and saw that below 100 degrees meant five days of 99 degrees. It is like the gas pump $3.13.9  is $3.14 a gallon. Judge Judge has a book called "Don't Pee on My Leg and Tell Me It's Raining." This is how I feel about the 99 degree temperature not being reported as being roughly the same as 100 degrees. It's not like we think that it is only 99 degrees then "Let's turn the AC off !"  I have a better idea. During the summer,skip the weather and merely post the words,   HOT- NO RAIN

Blog Special

In honor of the 99 degree  forecast, have up two small for 99 cents each. If it's 100, you owe me a penny!

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Anonymous said...

That weather caster looks a bit like Rick!!

Sugarless deLite said...

That is me !!!