14 July 2012

Sugarless deLite gives You Choices to Find Sucess

Back by popular demand,Sugarless deLite is carrying a larger selection of the Alternative Bagels. These bagels are flown in fresh from the LA factory and are not weeks old like the ones found at other stores. If taste,freshness and quality matter. Think of us Sugarless deLite. A store where the headquarters are not in Arkansas or Phoenix but right here in our one store.

Remember when you shop at Sugarless deLite, we hire all locally.
We added 2 new part time workers in June/July. Thanks for your support and shopping small business

Blog Special

PB 2 Sale. Buy one jar at $7.99 and get a second jar for $ 5.99. Get double punches on your on Loyality card.

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