18 June 2012

Random Thoughts and The New York Times

So I like the NY Times but it is too big to read . I subscribed to an offer that was Weekday delivery for Monday-Friday for $3.85. A great deal  but too much to read if you work. I called to stop the paper and move to the on line version.

I have called and canceled twice and the paper keeps on coming. On Saturday, when I receive no paper regularly, I had a person hand delivering a copy to my door. Today, after my third call on Saturday to cancel the paper, the NY Times is still there. It is the paper that will not go away. I canceled and it keeps coming. I kind of wish that this would be the same with electricity, cable, and credit card bills. With a promise that I do not have to pay and free delivery.

 Dream on! The next thing that I may wish for is a 82 degree high each day through out the summer'

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Chocolate Decadence,World Class Vanilla,Butter Pecan and Banana.

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