12 June 2012

The Heat is On !

Yesterday it was hot and muggy. I expect the same for the next 100 or so days. This is Dallas and it is the summer.

All Yogurts are Not Created Equally

With a yogurt store on every corner, Sugarless deLite is the leader in low calories. Most yogurts that you buy by the ounce have 50 calories an ounce while Sugarless deLite yogurt has a tiny 13.64 calories an ounce.

If it is important to you to "know" what you eat and calories and carbs "count" then Sugarless deLite is the store for you.

Blog Special

Post on our Facebook page why you like Sugarless deLite and we will say "Thank You" with a free small yogurt.

99 Cents Wednesdays

All June Wednesdays are 99 cents smalls or cones. Limit 2. You must ask for the special

Today's Flavors

Chocolate Decadence,World Class Vanilla,Lemon and Coffeee Royale

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