Still Time to Order New Years Goodies !

While during the days before Christmas, we get alot of holiday shoppers for diabetics, we are a great source of great items for all type of healthy eaters. Sugarless deLite has low fat,low carb,gluten free,organic and agave items that no other store in town carries. Check us out and make 2012 a year of good health.

Remember Sugarless deLite is the Home of ........
 Perfect 10 Bagel with 18 grams of Protein and only 140 calories
 PB 2 Powdered Peanut Butter with 85% less fat and calories than Regular Peanut Butter

Today's Flavors
Chocolate Decadence,World Class Vanilla,Chocolate Malt and Strawberry.

Still Time to Order those New Years Eve Cheesecakes and Desserts at 972-644-2000


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