2 Weeks to Christmas Eve....All items Are Freshly Made For the Holidays

Freshness ?
People come in every year and wait to buy chocolates later toward Christmas because they are worried about "Freshness". Worry no more !!! Chocolate purchased at Sugarless deLite will be fresh for 4 months. So, shop away. It is not too early.

Cowboy Contest

Predict the Cowboy point total for this Sunday's game against the NY Giants and Win a $ 10 yogurt card. Prediction should be up by Sunday,December 11th by 6pm

Today's Flavor's

Chocolate Decadence,World Class Vanilla,Chocolate Cookie Dough and Grasshopper which is Mint

Blog Special
Buy a Large Yogurt from the machine  at $3.69 and buy up to 5  large yogurts from the freezer for $2.49 each.


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