Your Mom Called ! She Misses You but Sugarless deLite Does Too

Welcome Home
I hear it everyday..".I forgot you were here. I love this store!" As a blog reader, remember that every time you tell someone about our store or our website, it is a big help in this economy. Spread the love of Sugarless deLite to others.  And  we at Sugarless deLite say "Thank You"

Predict the Cowboy point total for this Monday's night game against the Washington and Win a $ 10 yogurt card. Prediction should be up by Monday,September 26 th at 7pm.
E-mail your guess to or post on Facebook

Week 3  Bonus. Predict how many Total points will be scored in the game and get a $5 bonus if your point total guess is also correct.  Cowboy Point total contest winner does not require  the correct answer on the both team Total point   but you must have Cowboy  total points right to qualify for Extra contest.

Example Cowboys 31- Total point of both teams 48

Today's Flavor's

Chocolate Decadence,World Class Vanilla, Peanut Butter and Very Berry

Blog Special

50% off the lowest price on the Sale Rack. (Does not include Books)


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