27 September 2011

"It is Time!"... "We are Not Finished Yet".. "This is our Year"... Etc

As the Cowboys pulled out a nice victory, I am with the Boys of Summer, our Texas Rangers. After a Mav's World Championship, Sugarless deLite is ready for a Dallas "Doubleheader" with 2 champs ! Great job Cowboy's ! Now it is time for October Baseball. Go Rangers !!

New Products are In

Sugarless delite Shelves are filling up with new products for the Fall. We have a great BBQ sauce that is great with chicken and pork from Hillside Farms in North Georgia. It is a mustard BBQ sauce low in calories and carbs.
Additionally, we have a great Georgia Peach Preserve and Fig Preserve that are ready for sampling.Our new selections also include a Pear jam,Sweet Potato Butter and a FROG Jam which is a mix of Fig,Raspberry.Orange, and Ginger. FROG from the first letter of the fruits.

Today's Flavor's
Chocolate Decadence,World Class Vanilla,Caramel Fudge and Pecan Praline

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