03 August 2011

Federal Budgets and Diets

Random Thoughts.....

Budgeting and dieting have alot in common

1. No one wants to cut back but being too big can be a problem
2. Deciding to cut back and eat nothing does not work for dieters and cutting all spending across the board does not work either. For example, cutting back on the care for the brave men and women that have served our country who need medical care is wrong. Also having our elderly,cutting med's in half does not seem to be the right "diet".
3.Crash diets seem not to work in the long run and crashing the "World Economy" to make a point seems to be another failed idea.
4. Wanting to loss weight and sticking to a plan are two different thing.Similarly cutting the spending in Georgia while voting for addtional spending in Texas seems to make no sense. "I brought jobs to Texas" but not to Georgia.Eating is eating. Calories,fats and carbs count both home and away.The same with spending

Final Thoughts
Be it for our trip to the doctor for a check-up or Federal Budget Hearing, our plans to reach our goals should made not with a knife but with a plan to have a health lifestyle and healthy country.
By the way,budgets should not be balanced on teachers,police and fire personnel, soliders and the elderly.Also does it not seem wrong to have city pools that can not open because we do not have enough money to pay for repair and staffing.
Now back to our show.....
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