06 August 2011

Being Off Track on Weight Watcher...

After a really good run I have been off track on Weight Watchers.You know it...down 1/2 pound then up 1 pound. It is not the program it is me. Lazy eating.Not paying attention and a small amounts of  the wrong foods. I need to get on track and I will.
I am sure that this happens to you. Being good and being bad on a program are not that far apart. Time to refocus with more Sugarless deLite and less Onion Ring loaves at Tony Roma's.

Today's Flavor's

Chocolate Decadence,World Class Vanilla,Lemon and Pecan Praline.

Say the Bonus Words and get .....

Say the bonus words "Tony Roma" not Tony Romo and buy one and get one free on yogurt today. No XL . Limit one.

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