16 July 2010

Where Has the Summer Gone ? We are Open until 7 PM

Friday's Flavors

Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla,Toffee Coffee,Maple Nut, White Chocolate Mousse, and Egg Nog.

It is already the 16th of July and the dog days of summer are upon us. It appears that we will continue the 7PM closing through September. The hour seems to give people a chance to shop after work. Since it works for our customers,Sugarless deLite will keep it going. We will see what less daylight and shorter days means by October. Thanks for your support. Ricky

Blog Special

50 % Off all items on sale rack.

Drencher Low Carb Fruit Drinks-Regularly $ 2.29 are now 99 cents no matter where they are located in store.Mo futher discounts lower than 99 cents on this item.

Blog # 2

$5.00 off $ 30.00 yogurt purchase. You must PRINT THIS BLOG for this discount.

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