20 February 2010

Thing that I Could Care Less About

Today's Flavor

Chocolate Decadence,World Class Vanilla,German Chocolate Cake,Butterscotch,Banana Cheesecake, and Juicy Raspberry

I know that you did not ask but here is my list of things that I could care less about

1.Tiger Woods
2.Michael Jackson
3.Cowboy's Off Season Workout Schedule
5.The "sad" sorry of crazy people who fly planes into building and kill people that are just trying to earn a living. The crazy people should leave us alone. We want no part of their manifesto.
6.Conan and Jay
7.Michael Jacksons Doctor
8.Texas Senatorial TV ads
9.How much rainfall that we are behind since 1917

Now back to the show.......

Blog Special #1

Tell me one item on the above list and get a free small yogurt. 10 am- 4pm. Limit one per group

Blog Special # 2

Jelly Belly Bags. Normally $3.29-3.49. Today 2 for $4.99. Limit 4 total bags

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