31 August 2009

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Today's Flavors

Chocolate Decadence, World Class Vanilla, Butterscotch, Devil's Food Cake, Whiye Chocolate Raspberry, and NY Cheesecake.

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Brownies and Pecan Bars

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Sugarless deLite has been blogging for over 5 years and I know that a few people check it every day for flavor info. We try to post blog specials often and keep you coming back for more. The Sugarless deLite blog is a way to save money and get info on products.


1. Galaxy Granola has discontinued the Cinnamon Variety

2.Davinnci Syrups has discontinued the Malibu flavors.

3.The makers of the yogurt we sell at Sugarless deLite have sent out new updates on their product The small yogurt which weighs 7 ounces now be 1.8 WW point and 5 net carbs, medium 9 ounces 2.2 WW point and 6 net carbs and the large 11 ounces will be 2.6 WW point and 7 net carbs. The XL will be 4 point and 12 net carbs.

This is still one of the lowest calorie product that is out there. We have other products available to Sugarless deLite that are 2-3 calories lower per ounce but include Splenda, NutraSweet,polys or Sorbitol. We will continue to use only the best yogurts and keep you updated on any changes. I will tell you that the yogurts that use these sweeteners are not worth the calorie saving relative to their taste.

4. We will be open Labor Day. Regular Hours 10-6 Pm

If you love our store,please tell a friend. We can use the support. If you have a question or problem see me Rick, I will always try to help.


Buy 1 Yogurt- Get next smaller size free. All Day. No XL

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