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THE World SHOULD go to the Dogs!
I am a self-proclaimed dog lover, the bigger, the better. There are scientific reasons for my love. Dogs are so much smarter than we are. Take for instance the above picture. It is summer, it is hot. Do dogs complain about the heat? No,they do something about it. These dogs don't rub it in our faces that we didn't leave the air-conditioning on for them although they have every right to. My dog would not tolerate no air-conditioning. There is lots of things my dog won't put up with. As I said, dogs are smart. I always leave air on for my dog, but that is another story.

Case in point-Take Bubba and Scout (see picture above)
These dogs said to each other
Bubba: Hey Scout, let's go swimming in the river.
Scout: Ok, Bubba-you bring the kibble and I'll scrounge up a couple of beers. See you in 5.
Bubba: Cool
So here you find Bubba and Scout lounging in the river and relaxing. Now who's smarter, the dogs or us? I rest my case.


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