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Our weekly Blog is a key to yogurt savings as well as other information on Sugarless deLite. Join our yogurt club by buying a Yogurt Club card and cash in even more on yogurt savings. Yogurt club privileges typically include free yogurts during most weeks and other specials.Ask us in the store for details and sign up.

Join dozens of other customers and eat free yogurt at Sugarless deLite by joining the Club.

April 2  to April 7

#1 Add $50 to your yogurt card & get a $5 bonus and a free small yogurt Total add on for $50 is $55,
#2  BOGO for $1 more Medium yogurts on Wednesday. Two medium for $4.58 plus tax. Limit 1 usage of this special.
#3 Yogurt Club members can get a free small on Thursday.
#4 If your name is Sara or Sarah get a free medium yogurt on Friday.
#5 Buy Eight large yogurts for $27.99 plus tax.


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