Why we do this ? Sugarless deLite

It seems like a reasonable question. Like many reasonable questions, it does not have a simple answer. Oh, that's right I haven't told you the question,,Sorry. ..

 People ask me, "Why did you open Sugarless deLite ? "

I said that it was not an easy answer. Do you mean, why I started Sugarless deLite some 28 years ago or why do I continue operate this business ? Honestly, I like the answer of why I do this every day more than the reason, my wife and I started Sugarless deLite.

I do it everyday because I believe that Sugarless deLite is important to exist. Clearly it provides employment to many fine people. Our staff is second to none.. Kind and smart people. But we mainly do this for our customers. I read the reviews of how we made a Type 1 diabetics child's Christmas better or how someones Grandmother had her first cake at 90 years old. I hear the kindness from young and old and all ages in between..I know many of our customers and they know me. It's like a great part of my life and I thank You for this.

We will continue because of you our customers but I got to let you know. I opened at the age of 33 and now, I'm 62 years old. 362 Days a year and 28 years, it's been a good run. We will be here for a few more.years because of you,,,So that is the real answer of why we are here..You...Peace

 February 20-25
#1 President Day Special- One George Washington Dollar Bill will get you a small yogurt.
#2 Eight Large yogurts for $27.99
#3 Yogurt club members get a Free small on Tuesday and Saturday.
#4 Add $100 to your yogurt card and we will add a $20 bonus. Total add on value is $120


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