Pass the Word on Sugarless deLite and Pass the Love on !

I am told daily by many customers that a friend told them about our little store. I say to you great people "Thank You". Without you our customers passing the word, Sugarless deLite would not exist. The internet helps, newspaper ads, social media and more outlets are all ways that people learn about us. Yet our customers are Sugarless deLite's best tool in our growth. So tell everyone that we are open
Word of Mouth
 362 days a year and come on down.We are glad you are here.

Sugarless deLite is Part of the Community

We have  employed over 200  students and other local folk in 27 years.. Students from UTD have made up most of our staff over the last 15 years. We have many non-students that work for us that are outstanding people.

Our staff takes the money they earn and shop and spend in the Richardson area. By supporting our store you invest in good health by things you buy and you in turn support our hard working staff .

Thanks for investing with your neighbors at Sugarless deLite
Specials Monday September 21 st- Saturday 26 th

#1  6 large Yogurts $20.99
#2  Yogurt Club Members get a free small yogurt on Wednesday
#3  Fiber Gourmet Cracker Special on Honey Mustard buy 3 and get 2 Boxes Free.
#4  Get a cold drink from our Coke box for 99 cents
#5  Cones are on Sale for $2.49 plus tax- Limit 1
Normal rules apply. Limits apply. Specials are not posted in store but are available online a and Facebook.


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