Check Out Another New Product at Sugarless deLite- Arriving Friday

Quick Overview

Five (5) individually wrapped, no sugar added (milk chocolate contains milk which contains a little milk sugar but we don't add any sugar,) reduced calorie, filled 28g chocolate bars.

Maltitol Free - Gluten Free

ChocoRite contains all-natural Erythritol and Inulin which have a Glycemic Index of ZERO.

ChocoRite ingredients offer Real Calorie Savings:
Erythritol - 0.2 calories per gram (95% fewer calories than sugar)
Inulin - 1.3 calories per gram (67% fewer calories than sugar
Specials February 23--28
#1 Friday Only 10am-11am ONLY
All Large Freezer Yogurts that are Not Chocolate Decadence,Vanilla or Swirl are $2.77 each plus tax. Limited supply on hand. Limit 6.Can not be combined with #2 offer
#2 7 Large Freezer yogurt for $ 21.99 plus tax
#3 Buy a $60 yogurt card and we will make it a $72 card. That is a 20% Bonus


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